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Unknown kernel .. no patches available



  • Kateryna Obiidykhata

    The support for this kernel will be added today.

  • Kateryna Obiidykhata
    Still that comes up though you were adding yesterday?

    Find it odd that kernels are not supported as released but not for days after. What good is that?

    Having to continuously check to see if a new kernel is installed from your end is well a complete waste. We are paying you to do use your software for this. If supported kernels are released it should be available through you immediately not days after. Many releases are critical and need installed immediately on release. IF not your have created "more" work more effort on our part checking systems not less!
  • Kateryna Obiidykhata
    So sorry to hear about your experience.
    There were minor issues with this patch and we couldn't realize untested patch, that's why it was delayed.
    Please accept our apologies and be assured that we work on the speeding up the release new patches time.
    We will add a status - "patch not needed". Support is already added to the client.

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