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CloudLinux Backup (Acronis) vs JetBackup 5 vs ... ?



  • Alexandre Parubochyi
    Hi Nicolas,

    Answering your questions:

    1) yes, CloudLinux Backup (Acronis-based) is a working solution, yes, it is stable. Imunify360 is a requirement to use CL Backup.
    2) it can be used for a full system backup using CL Backup. In case of system failure you just reinstall cPanel, Imunify360 and connect to your account to restore the system
    3) the solution can replace your existing ones. It is powerful enough - it can do directory, volume or full system cloud-based backup. I wouldn't use it together with JetBackup because both products may be using similar FS locking mechanisms/interfere with each other.
    4) there used to be R1Soft solution also, but I haven't tried it myself so don't have any detailed info about it.
  • Nicolas
    Thank you so much Alexandre for these precious informations ! It is always valuable to meet you here.

    So. I can't wait to implement CloudLinux when I have time to update my packages, and I will be happy to share a full feedback from my use of CloudLinux Backup here later.

    I really suggest to Imunify & CloudLinux Team to more promote this must-use service. It's a shame that I missed it, while I am a backup addict ^_^

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