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I bought CloudLinuxOS+, how do I sell hostings from a good location, say with a 10/100Ggps?



  • Oleksandr Parubochyi

    You can sell CloudLinux OS licenses if you are registered as a reseller. Please find more information at:

  • Admin

    Hey Oleksandr, I just want to have the ability to sell space on my drives using WHMCS and automate the user account creation and etc. I want users to have regular cPanels and a dashboard to see their cloud data storage usage, nothing fancy. I've got a license already, I just don't understand how this needs to be set up.

  • Oleksandr Parubochyi

    This is not something CloudLinux OS was designed for.

    In a few words, CloudLinux OS is designed for multi-tenant environments such as shared web hosting.
    By using it you can effectively limit resources for offending customers and provide the highest level of security by making sure they cannot see system's and each others' files/processes.
    You can also benefit from using PHP Selector with patched legacy PHP versions (starting from 4.4) as well as running multiple Python/Ruby/NodeJS versions on the same system.
    The benefits of CloudLinux OS are highlighted at the following slide:


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