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does AWS EC2 with CloudLinux cPanel include PHP selector?



  • John C. Reid

    I would love to say that I am in the middle of setting up a new server with this AMI and I could give you an definitive answer, but on my servers I uninstall the Alt PHP packages and the PHP Selector and use the EA4 PHP with Multi-PHP. I find that having two overlapping options to change PHP version and two options for every PHP version really confuses most clients. It is easier to pick a side and stay on it. Unfortunately the side I picked doesn't help me to answer your question definitively. The best I can tell you is that when I was installing, I am pretty sure that while doing updates, before debloating the system, I did see the PHP Selector package update. So I do believe that the CloudLinux 8 with cPanel AMI in the AWS Marketplace, provided by CloudLinux does include it.

  • Eric

    Howdy Kevin,

    PHP Selector is included with all releases of CloudLinux.


  • Kevin Howard

    Thanks very much John and Eric. 



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