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CloudLinux 7/8 kernel unable to boot on UEFI enabled soft raid 1 server.



  • Petro Khyliuk

    Problem with booting after this fix still exist.
    Using Remote KVM is the only way to boot server.

    1. Got error "Unsupported returned from shimx64-cloudlinux.efi"

    2. Choose second variant and successfully boot server.


  • Vitaly Nemykin

    Hello UAHosting, 

    Unfortunately, this article is not suitable for solving the problem you have mentioned.

    Please follow this one:

  • Saiful Islam


    Thank you for the reply.

    I am still having problems installing the cloudlinux on my almalinux based cPanel server.


    [root@secure2 home]# bash cldeploy -k CL-XXYYZZ
    Last available CloudLinux release: 8.7
    Current system release: 8.7
    WARNING! Your /etc/fstab configuration is not explicit about device mounting on boot/efi.
    This is not a CL software issue but this potentially can cause problems with booting the CL kernel.
    It is strongly recommended to contact your hosting provider before proceeding.
    For details please read this article: 
    If you're certain that your configuration is correct, please run this script again, adding this flag: --skip-boot-check

  • Bogdan Shyshka

    Saiful, Have you followed the guide from this article? In any case, it's better to open a support request to check the issue in place.

  • Keith Tan

    Follow the step still can't :(
    please advise? T.T

    Thanks alot

  • Bogdan Shyshka

    Keith, the only possible reason for such an error is that rpm database is broken and the rpm command does not return installed packages. Better to create a support ticket so we can check. Or, let's jump to which is better designed for communication and troubleshooting.



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