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How to enable Malware Database Scanner?



  • Abdan syakuro

    thanks for your information, i check the malware database scan right now. But when i explore the imunify access, i saw that the user is pointing into the /home/USERNAME as a users even though my application is in the /var/www directory.

    How do i pointing into there?

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hello, Abdan, and thank you for your question. Do I understand correctly that we are talking about the stand-alone version of Imunify on your server? If so, I recommend you try using the integration scripts to pass the user and domain information. With these scripts, you can specify the stand-alone version of which users, domains, and directories work with.

    If you've noticed this on the server with the control panel installation, please open a ticket to support team and describe the problem in more detail - we will definitely help you!


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